• What are the core competences of Oryid?

    Oryid is specialized in the development of IT software such as Website Development, Mobile App Development, HR Outsourcing e.t.c.

    Oryid is constantly thriving to fullfill all your business needs and seek to maximize both time and cost efficiency.

  • What benefits do you Guarantee?

    We guarantee time bound results and we are dedicated to produce quality codes.

  • What are the payment modals?

    We work with long term commited clients who want full time services and offer a monthly or annually rate as per the contract.

  • Why should we trust you?

    We have nothing to hide, this is the important reason for which you need to trust us. We believe Trust is the most valauble commodity in business. You can count on us to be here for the long run to stand behind all of our work. Not only we design the software, we test it closely under all variable funtions and install it at your work. We have discovered that we are in the people business and all relationship counts. We value your trust.

  • What contracts and agreements do you sign?

    We sign NDA's (Non- Disclosure Aggreement) before initial discussions and as on when both parties are ready for the project we make the final contract drawn out in details.