IT Back office support

What is IT Back office support?

As a company, you need to take care of three phases- Front office, middle office and back office. The 3 phases are important in its own phase. Front office would contain the sales and other customer facing staffs, while the middle office manages risk and IT resources and back office provides administrative, support and payment services.

The back office can be thought as the part of the company responsible for providing all business functions related to operations. The back office provides administrative and support services, who are not client facing. Although the operations of a back office are seldom prominent but they are the major contributor to the business.

Want to know why is it important to have an IT back office? We tell you why.

Customers rarely see the back-office operations but it somehow can put a power on customer’s satisfaction. For a company whether big or small, it is very essential to have a IT back office. The basic function of back office is managing payrolls, HR departments, account services, data entry, IT services, administration etc.

A good back office helps the company in achieving more in productivity and helps to strategize on different ways to optimize the resources. A back office helps to secure data and information.

Want to know, how ORYID can help you in back office?

We can be your extended back office team by providing you the services of back office and you don’t need to build the workplace and infrastructure of it. All you need to do is outsource it to ORYID.

We at ORYID, provide our clients with Data Entry, payroll management, HR services, admin support, customer care support, content creation and moderations, E-commerce site configuration, payment gateway integration, courier on-boarding and many more.

Our experienced team will work tirelessly 24*7 to give you the best service.